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The Struggle of Choosing the Right Antivirus – It’s not as hard as you’d think

February 20, 2013 | By  

Believe it or not, the amount of research that goes into choosing the right free Antivirus software is not as hard as one would think. We as people tend to overthink important decisions – and there is nothing wrong with that philosophy especially when you’re making a critical decision that has everything to do with your safety or that of your family. However, the search for a quality antivirus is not that difficult. In fact – as long as you follow three easy steps, you’ll be able to find the right antivirus program at a price you can easily afford.

Step #1 – Understand the importance of Antivirus Software

The first step to choosing any Antivirus software is making sure you understand the purpose for these important programs. They say that education is critical in making critical decisions; and this holds especially true in the antivirus world. For the most part, antivirus programs are designed to accomplish three main tasks:

  • Scan your computer for existing virus threats
  • Scan the computer for potential virus threats
  • Find the threats or infected files and notify you about them

Unfortunately, this really doesn’t accomplish much. In fact, simply searching for threats and telling you about them is about as effective as a person telling you that your car’s engine is broken after you’ve been waiting on the highway for three hours waiting for a tow. Unless the mechanic can tell you what’s specifically wrong, and how to fix it; this knowledge is virtually useless.

Step #2 – Understand how the antivirus program you select can help you fix the issue

The next part in selecting a quality Antivirus for your computer; whether it is a laptop or desktop, the trick lies in the Antivirus program’s ability to not only search out potential and current threats, but also quarantine them, determine where they came from and then provide a solution to destroy them. The extra step is providing a solution to ensure these specific viruses never come back.

There are some free antivirus programs available on the market that will accomplish one or two of these steps – but for the most part, these are services provided by paid and sometimes costly antivirus programs. However, as we will discuss below, there is an option that will provide you with all of these important features at an  amazing price  – free.

Step #3 – Discover the power of Comodo Antivirus programs.

Of all free antivirus programs available to consumers these days, the best value is the powerful antivirus programs offered by Comodo. Recommended by third party review sites such as AV-Test, NSS Labs and AV-Comparatives, the free antivirus programs offered by Comodo not only will tell you about potential threats, but  it will also find them, discover where they originated, make sure they are quarantined to ensure they don’t infect your hard drive of important files; then provide a solution on how to destroy them with ease.

Comodo takes pride in offering user-friendly features with all of their computer software programs; but the ease of use of their antivirus programs is simply stunning. When you follow these three steps to understanding how to select a great free Antivirus, you can have peace of mind knowing that your computer will be protected against online predators, threats and viruses for years to come.

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