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Why Home Business Start Up’s should ‘Start’ with Antivirus Protection

February 20, 2013 | By  

When you have made the decision to start an online business – what steps are traditionally included? If you stated that one of the first things you should do is to download Antivirus programs for your computer; you’d most likely be in the minority. However, there is substantial information available which states that this should honestly be one of the first things you do when starting up any home-based business.

Although signing up for a business license, setting up the business plan and other details are critical, the one thing that is common with any home based small business is that they all begin and end by using a very powerful tool – the home computer. By installing a free Antivirus provided by Comodo, your chances of falling victim to virus attack is significantly reduced.

As a start-up business, your computer is used to accomplish many of the common everyday tasks of starting a home business including:

  • Creating a business plan of action; most people have an idea as to what they want their home business to be; but they put it on virtual paper on their computer.
  • Filling out business start-up forms online; there was a time when people would visit the local or county office, grab an application for a business license and fill it out in triplicate. However, most counties and cities in the United States have now moved forward to electronic business license application filings. And the only way to accomplish is to use your computer.
  • Developing company logos, documents, product information sheets; many home based business owners tend to be creative and can use Photoshop or other creative suite programs to custom build their important business documents, designs and even product concepts. Again – this requires the use of their computer.

As you can see, the home computer is very critical to starting up any home business these days. And each of the above steps to creating a small business requires a computer that works efficient; is not infected by viruses, malware or infected files and is protected from unwanted third party hackers.

This is where making the decision to download Antivirus software first just as you begin the business start-up process is a smart business decision to make. There are many advantages to installing great Antivirus software  including:

  • Protecting your computer against Spam, Viruses and Malware: Known as the trinity of computer virus issues, spam ware, malware and Viruses are very harmful to the overall efficiency and strength of any computer. Quality antivirus programs such as the ones offered by Comodo were created to hunt down, destroy and eliminate viruses from attaching to your hard drive or other files.
  • Gives a powerful tool against Spyware: Another harmful cyber threat is the existence of Spyware, which is a harmful computer program designed to steal your private information on your computer. A high quality antivirus will also include a powerful firewall which will ensure these Spyware files don’t infect your computer or take any information from your computer.

As a small business owner, you can’t risk having your computer be down for repairs or your important files being stolen. As such, when you download free Antivirus programs available from Comodo, it  gives you a powerful resource to protect your company from any foreseeable problem..

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