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Antivirus Internet Security – Comodo Protection for Small Business and Individuals

December 5, 2012 | By  

The company that brings you the ultimate download antivirus program for free also offers a complete Internet Security system as well. And for cost conscious computer users, Comodo offers four editions available for the home office or the business office. In these economic times, this is a great benefit for small business and home computer users who need protection from the vast online threats that exist today.

There isn’t a day that goes by when any small business owner or individual who uses their computer at home is not at risk from hackers, identity theft criminals and other online security risks. This is a reality of the online world we live in today and unfortunately, there is no way of preventing these scrupulous individuals to stop their cyber-attacks. And it is for this precise reason that people need to download antivirus of some sort to protect their computers at work or at home.

Having a personal internet security system such as the free antivirus download that Comodo offers computer users helps you get piece of mind. The Comodo group makes it really easy for you to have Internet Security through download antivirus software; four great styles in fact which allow you to choose what you need based on what you want to protect as well as how much you want to spend.

Comodo offers: Internet Security – the basics, Internet Security Plus, Internet Security Complete and their famous Internet Security Pro programs. Each one is designed to work with Linux, PC and Mac.

No matter what you choose, all additions of the Comodo antivirus programs contain a personal firewall. This controls unauthorized communications with your computer and the internet along with preventing people from using your private information on your computer. The personal firewall is a continuously seeking antivirus and looking to for malicious software, which may have hooked up with your computer through an instant message, accessing images on the cloud or communications over the internet.

Quite often many of these computers used by individuals and small business may have been unprotected. The defence plus monitoring of the Comodo download free antivirus helps to detect any weird behaviour online, and detect behaviour which can sandbox different programs. This reduces bigger issues – when they make any change to your computer that will not be reversible.

Whether you need a basic or a Plus, Pro or complete edition, you can find the best services on the subscription program with Comodo. When you buy the bigger versions you get better support, more technical help aptly named “Geek Buddy” services which will see you through until the very end of the subscription.

Of all the free download free antivirus versions that Comodo offers, the Complete versions comes with an online backup, which can save you money over the course of a year. You will be secure and safe whenever you surf the net with Comodo’s antivirus Internet Security programs. No matter which version of their security software you choose you really cannot go wrong.

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