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Picking a Trustworthy Antivirus – How to Choose a Reliable Option

December 5, 2012 | By  

We love our computers – don’t we? Whether they are Linux, PC or Mac’s, they should all be protected with a reliable Antivirus program that is designed to truly protect the internal components that power each computer we use daily. However, it depends on whose hands you can trust your system with, to get the protection you need.There are plenty of players that offer antivirus protection to their customers.

For nearly five years Comodo’s free Antivirus programs have been knocking the competition off the shelf, because computer users can download the trustworthy and reliable Comodo right from your computer and put most high end, factory installed antivirus programs – right out of business.

No matter which Antivirus you choose to download or use, it should be as diverse as the computers you use and should not discriminate against you for choosing the computer style you love. Mac, Pc or Linux – your choice, but the best Antivirus available to you is absolutely free through Comodo.Some time ago, Mac was thought of as ‘virus free’. Unfortunately, times have changed and this is simply not the case anymore. Today, crafty and sneaky computer hackers have developed highly-technical viruses which can embed themselves on any computer – yes even Apple products. So the question that must be asked is why an Apple computer user should choose to be without a good antivirus protection. Comodo antivirus acts as a reliable shield guarding the users against virtually any virus threat.

If your home computer is used by kids or teens now is the time to start using Comodo’s free antivirus programs. Teens like many young adults have websites they like to visit and things they like to do online. It is easy to protect them and the computers they use with the free antivirus from Comodo. You can even protect them from social-networking issues, including sites like Twitter and Facebook.

One thing that many new computer owners assume is that the factory installed antivirus program will often be good enough to protect their computer from virus, Trojan horses, malware and spam. But again, this is not always the case. Comodo has all the securities you need in one simple download.

Your private information stays in your computer, not in someone else’s hands or spread across the internet. Comodo antivirus is very simple to use, extremely easy to install and is backed by a company that truly stands by their products.

Changing computers isn’t as easy as changing Antivirus companies. However, by not selecting a reliable antivirus program to protect your current computer, you very well might be in the market to buy a new computer sooner than you think.

Several of today’s viruses embed themselves on the hard drive of a computer and several of them simply can’t be removed 100% of the time. If this occurs, you will  have to  buy a new computer. So,  be proactive, protect your new computer and  enjoy a safe and trustworthy online experience, with the Comodo antivirus that ensures your peace of mind.

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