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How to Choose the Right Antivirus Software

December 28, 2012 | By  

An absolute must have software these days is a powerful Antivirus. Whether you are an Apple user or PC, use Internet Explorer or Comodo Dragon, or have a mobile device – protecting you from spyware and malware should be on the top of your priority list. But with so many antivirus software programs to choose from – where does one start?

The first thing that any smart computer user understands is that today’s online world is not safe as you’d think. Each day, thousands of individuals have their identities stolen and computers infected with damaging virus which not only impacts the computers effectiveness, but can  also steal your private information. As such, it is more important these days to have a high-quality Antivirus software program from the minute you begin using your computer. Here are a few simple tips that will allow you to determine what type of virus protection you should use.

Determine Your Computer Usage

The first thing that anybody should do when looking for a good Antivirus program is to determine what they use their computer for and how often the computer is used. For example; if you use your computer for work only, the chances of you visiting potentially harmful online websites is remote. But, if you are a gamer, or use the computer for social activities, your likely hood of having your computer infected with antivirus increases

You should also determine how old your computer is and what operating systems is used. Some Antivirus programs are better with certain OS. Also, determine what type of computer you have. Some antivirus programs are better for desktop than laptops or tablets.

Make Sure Antivirus is Certified

After you’ve narrowed down your potential antivirus programs that you’d like to use for your computer, the next step is to ensure they are certified by third party online agencies such as:

  • NSS Labs
  • AV-Test
  • ICSA Labs
  • AV-Comparatives

These third party and independent labs are great resources to ensure that any antivirus program you choose to buy or download for free is effective in doing the job right.

You should also insist that any free antivirus software you download has the ability to frequently update without having you to upgrade to a paid version. A wonderful antivirus program that offers this service for free is offered by Comodo. Both user friendly and very easy to install, Comodo’s free antivirus program will automatically test for 12 different types of malware programs as well as launch full system scans based on a schedule that works for you.

The Comodo antivirus is very good at cleaning up your computer and even better; making sure incoming threats don’t have access to your vital files. The Comodo free antivirus software is fast, safe, and efficient. The best part of this free antivirus program is that it is extremely user friendly, is absolutely free and works with all OS systems.

If you’re in the market for any Antivirus program, the high-quality units provided by Comodo are a wonderful option.


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