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How Reliable is a Free Antivirus?

December 5, 2012 | By  

Have you ever questioned how reliable a Free Antivirus download can be for your important computer? If you do, you’re not alone. Several million computer users each year question whether or not to install a free antivirus program or spend the money on what they consider or assume is a better option.

But, what if we were to tell you that there is a Free Antivirus program that is rated higher than most paid products? Comodo is a force to reckon with for the best internet and antivirus software. Better than big names such as Kaspersky or McAfee, Comodo offers you the best for absolutely free.

Unlike other antivirus products,  Comodo offers you the same abilities as high end companies. You can schedule a virus scan, or just run a simple scan on the items you want to check. You can also set up the antivirus software to permit scans in the cloud, while changing your DNS server. Comodo  allows you to submit suspicious files and quarantined items to be further analysed.

Any other antivirus company would want additional payments for you to send them information about other suspicious files. Comodo wants you to have 100% piece of mind, ensuring your computer is free from viruses and problems.

Free Antivirus programs today often seem to want to cheat you out of the files you need to protect your computer, internet browsing, instant messaging protections and now cloud protect. Each entity you add to your antivirus package starts adding on additional costs, ten dollars here and there until pretty soon the cost of your program has gone from twenty-four dollars into the two hundred dollar bracket. You have kids; kids love to game; it only makes sense to have a well-protected computer?

Several Enterprise companies, from the small online business to the big box retailers spend upwards of two hundred dollars for their entire company to be protected, in today’s world, who has this kind of money to spend on protect? Comodo, is in command over the free antivirus market, they have wonderful help for those people who need extra reassurances their software is running well and doing what it says it will do.

Today’s antivirus programs offered by Comodo simply put are the best that money doesn’t have to buy. They are truly dedicated to providing you a great and reliable product. Truth being told, there are even better upgrades available from Comodo that provide detailed and full-service virus protection.

No one likes to be online without trustworthy antivirus protection these days. With Trojan horses and worms blasting their way through emails and instant messages, there is a good reason to be using Comodo. Don’t be left out in the cold this winter with some store shelf brand antiquated antivirus program. Get the best, off the internet – Comodo, where your peace of mind is the prime reason for making the best antivirus program a free download.

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