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How Comodo Firewall Helps Support Antivirus Programs

February 4, 2013 | By  

If you’re ready to download free antivirus programs by Comodo, you’ll realize that there are many important features that will allow you to create the perfect online protection program. One of these important tools is the Comodo Firewall that acts as an initial layer of protection to keep computer deadly viruses and malware from infecting your computer.

A Firewall is just like any other security feature offered by Comodo – as it is designed to keep the bad viruses out and your important files safe and secure inside. This important tool of the antivirus program also allows your computer to be protected against individuals hacking into your home or business computer and stealing your important files from a third party location or non-secure internet connection.

However, there are other important features about this firewall’s that extends the security shield of protection for all of Comodo’s antivirus programs.

The Comodo Firewall Pro program is truly the next evolution in online computer security protocol. Providing computer users DDP™ or Default Deny Protection, the Comodo Firewall Pro allows the firewall to recognize non-known viruses and malware and prevent them from entering your computer’s system.

This is accomplished by registering well over 2 million known PC-friendly applications onto your computer’s firewall. If the visited website or file is ‘not on the list’ it simply is blocked and immediately alerts you to a potentially  harmful malware or virus attack. This happens before the file is downloaded or accessed, which is a preventive measure to ensure your computer remains protected – as opposed to having to fight the program after it’s attempting to access your computer files.

This is one of the best features of the Comodo Firewall in regards to the complete antivirus protection that is offered. But, there are several additional secrets about the Comodo Firewall that allow your computer to be protected better than the rest:

  • It’s not complex or complicated to configure. The problem with most Firewall programs is that unless you’re a computer programmer, it’s nearly impossible to change and configure the firewall to your specific network. The key feature of the Comodo firewall is that it is highly user friendly which makes this one a perfect option for those who might not have a computer degree in their office.
  • Provides quick and easy to learn instructions to allow ease of use. Another user friendly option of the Comodo Firewall is that it provides users an easy to learn personalized protection program that is easy to understand and apply to your specific computer.
  • The DDP-based security program will keep you completely informed. Just like learning any computer program, the more knowledge and education you receive about how the program is working – the easier it is to operate. This is what the DDP-based security firewall that is available through Comodo provides users who download the program.

No matter what type of free antivirus program you download, one of the most important tools is the Firewall that will provide that first layer of protection to keep your computer safe from unwanted virus and malware attacks. And the Firewall Pro offered by Comodo is a great tool to provide complete computer protection.

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