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Antivirus Internet Security – How Business Can Be at Risk without Them

December 28, 2012 | By  

If you have a business that relies on effective and secure internet connections in order to conduct business, how safe would you feel without some sort of Antivirus program installed on your network? If you realize the threat levels that exist in today’s online world, any smart business owner wouldn’t hesitate to download antivirus programs for free to provide their business a high-level of safety and security from today’s online threats.

Every day, worldwide, unsuspecting businesses fall victim to online predators, thieves, hackers, virus and other security threats; whose main job is to steal, or wreck your computer network. It is hard to believe that people would actively promote this type of cyber warfare, but it is a fact of life which can’t be ignored. There is no logic to explain why these people and viruses exist – but there are effective and cost saving measures that any business can install to ensure their company, employees and assets are protected.

Installing a business internet security system such as the free Antivirus downloads which are provided by Comodo, provides many businesses peace of mind knowing that their network is safe from those whose mission in life is to cause computer havoc.  When you download antivirus software to your business computers you get many key features to ensure your network is protected from viruses and hackers including:

  • Protecting Against Antivirus: Comodo Antivirus software will track down and destroy any existing malware that his currently hiding deep in your computer’s hard drive.
  • Provides Anti-Spyware Protection: Comodo Antivirus programs can detect spyware threats and destroy the infection prior to the spyware attaching to your hard drive.
  • A Solid Anti-Rootkit: This feature scans, detects and removes rootkits that are active on your computer network.
  • Effective Bot Protection: This feature will prevent malicious software from turning your computers into slow running zombies. And in the business world, this lack of productivity can be deadly.
  • Computer Memory Firewall: Provides leading protection against buffer overflow attacks.
  • The Anti-Malware Protection: Will destroy processes before they can cause damage to your computer and your network.

There are added features to the Comodo download free antivirus available which can easily detect odd computer behaviour before the issues embed themselves deep into your computer network. This reduces the chances of bigger problems occurring which can simply put – shut your business down. And in today’s economy, any business, no matter how big or small can’t risk this potentially devastating computer issue.

There are many download free Antivirus versions that Comodo offers to small business to Fortune 500 companies. Industry leaders like Apple, NASA, and others rely on the protection and integrity offered by Comodo programs. And whether you install the free antivirus programs or upgrade to the economic paid versions, you can be certain that your business network will be safe and secure from unwanted computer malware, viruses and cyber-attacks, which will keep your business running strong into the future.

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