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FAQ’s For Comodo Antivirus Mac Protection

February 4, 2013 | By  

When people buy an Apple computer, the primary reason why is due to Apple’s sterling reputation for building high-quality electronic devices that are virtually ‘virus free’. Notice we used the word virtually and not 100% viruses free? The reason for this is that no computer is 100% safe – no matter how well constructed it might be. However, there are many reliable and trustworthy Antivirus programs provided by Comodo that will take your Mac to nearly 99.9% protected from online hacks and virus attacks.

And just like any other Antivirus question, there are often many questions for how Comodo products are different or can specifically help Mac Computers stay free and clear of virus, spam, and other online threats that are designed to damage your computer and steal your private information.

Question #1 – Why is it important to have antivirus software installed on an Apple Mac computer?

Although the Mac OS is very good about preventing virus and malware, nothing is 100% protected. There are many questions people have about free Antivirus software and whether or not they will protect a Mac OS computer. The answer to this is yes they can do a great job protecting even Mac’s.

The reality of computer viruses is that they can embed themselves onto your Mac computer just as easy as a PC. And when they do, they will slow down your computer, delete your important files and even can download your secure information and allow people to steal your identity. This is why installing a good Antivirus program from Comodo can significantly reduce this from happening.

Question #2 – What is so great about Comodo Antivirus for Mac’s?

The antivirus programs provided by Comodo are provided to Mac OS users free. In fact, Comodo’s free antivirus downloads have been rated higher than many companies paid upgrade antivirus programs. We offer our customers free, real-time scanning updates , a quarantine protection program and complete virus deletion. It really is that simple and truly is better than most paid services.

Question #3 – Is it possible to scan individual files or do we need to run a complete virus scan, waste my time and reduce my computer usage time?

This is one of the best features of the antivirus programs offered by Comodo to Mac OS users. Simply drag an individual folder and file to the CAV icon in the docking program of the Comodo Antivirus system and the CAV will automatically scan that specific file or folder and give you quick results. This allows you to control which files are scanned and when.

Question #4 – What does Quarantine Protection provide to a Mac User?

This feature is what separates Comodo’s antivirus from most other competitors. When the Comodo antivirus finds a potential virus, it quarantines the potential virus in a state and location where it can’t do damage to your computer. Essentially, it is an extra security feature that protects your Mac OS from tricky and often troublesome viruses.

There are many trustworthy Antivirus programs provided by many companies, however the free antivirus program offered by Comodo surpass them all and is perfectly designed to ensure your Mac OS computer is truly protected from virus and malware attacks.

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