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Should You Download Free Antivirus or Install Full Versions – Pros and Cons

December 10, 2012 | By  

Quite often when somebody buys a new computer, they consider either to download antivirus programs for free or they choose to upgrade from the beginning and install full versions of antivirus programs. Most new computers, whether they are laptop or PC come with basic or trial versions of some antivirus programs, and many computer users choose this outlet as well.

So which process is best? Well, that is the $100.00 question. And hopefully, after reading this blog you’ll have a good idea as to whether to download virus removal software or upgrade to full versions that best suits your particular needs.

There are many benefits of free download antivirus programs for any new computer including:

  • Free Antivirus programs give computer users a trial to see how well an antivirus program is going to be without having to pay for it first. When you download Free Antivirus programs, the primary advantage is initial cost. When you’ve just spent a lot of money on a new computer, there are other upgrades you will most likely need, and quite frankly, most computer users will defer to the antivirus as being low on this priority list. From upgrading word processing programs to premium levels, upgrading Outlook or other email clients, and other important programs, the thought of paying extra for antivirus just doesn’t add up for many computer users.
  • Downloading a Free Antivirus program will give them a good idea as to the effectiveness and usability of the antivirus programs. Most computer users do not have software engineering degrees and as such, it is important that any program used is user friendly. This is why when you download Free Antivirus software, you can check it out first to ensure it’s easy to use – and highly functional at the same time.

On the other hand, there are advantages of installing premium versions of antivirus programs such as the ones that Comodo offers including:

  • Internet Security – the basics
  • Internet Security Plus
  • Internet Security Complete
  • Internet Security Pro

Each one is designed to work with Linux, PC and Mac computer systems.

By upgrading from the beginning of using your computer, you are able to access the full potential of these computer antivirus programs. Some of the differences between download free antivirus and upgraded full versions include:

  • Customer Support: When you start with a full version of any antivirus, your ability to access full support programs that come with these antivirus software programs increases greatly. This is advantageous when you come across a potential problem or an aggressive virus that attempts to sneak past the antivirus program.
  • Daily and Automatic Updates: Another advantage of starting with full antivirus programs is their ability to automatically update with key upgrades on a daily basis. Computer hackers and viruses don’t take days off – and they usually are one step ahead of free antivirus program basic packages. By having the power of a full antivirus program from the minute you buy a computer reduces the threat from potential harmful malware or viruses from  attaching to your computer.

Simply put, there are advantages of using both Free Antivirus and full versions. Before you make your decision, always take the time to do a little more research before you buy. But always ensure to have a reliable and trustworthy antivirus installed from the moment you use your new computer.

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