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Comparing Antivirus Programs – How to select a winner

February 20, 2013 | By  

The process of selecting which Free Antivirus software to install for your computer network is an important one for certain. In fact, this is a decision that should be investigated, researched and analyzed just as critically as when you decided which computer to buy in the first place. The reason for this is due to one simple fact:

No matter how incredible your new computer might be, there are always going to be cyber threats, viruses and malware that can easily infect your computer.

This is a statement of fact, not an opinion. And sadly, many people tend to believe that since they spent an extra $100.00 on a computer that was updated with the latest firewall technology,they are 100% safe and secure. This unfortunately is a false belief.

The key to selecting a winning antivirus program is a three-fold process and should include the following features for any antivirus program you choose to install.

When looking for the best antivirus program to install on your computer, make sure to ask the following questions:

Question #1: Does this particular antivirus automatically detect threats, or do I need to program this feature?

One of the best features of the top downloaded Free Antivirus programs is their ability to automatically search for viruses, malware and other potential threats at all times of the day. In fact, the best antivirus programs have the ability to be programed to scan at time where your computer is not as active or when it is convenient for you. Scanning for online threats and viruses is a full time job – you need to ensure your Free Antivirus program understands this important detail.

Question #2 – Do I need to shut down my computer before and after conducting a virus scan?

The second question that should be asked of any consumer looking to install an antivirus program is how user friendly the program might be. Many Free Antivirus programs require the computer user to shut off and reboot their compute multiple times in order to be 100% effective in finding potential viruses. The problem is that shutting your computer on and off frequently is just as harmful as continually starting and shutting of any mechanical devise. As such, a great tool is making sure that the Free Antivirus programs you install are user friendly, don’t require constant log on / log off connections, can detect, quarantine and destroy virus and do so on your schedule.

Question #3 – Who is the best provider of free antivirus programs?

Fortunately, we’ve got an easy answer for this one. Comodo is a world recognized leader for the computer software industry and has some of the most user friendly and powerful antivirus programs available. Many of these programs are available for free and don’t require any special licenses or agreements to be used. They can easily be downloaded on any Comodo website and offer users a unique peace of mind knowing that their computer connections will be protected, secure and free of virus attacks – at a price they can definitely afford.

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