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Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013 – FAQ’s to Help You Decide

February 4, 2013 | By  

The thought to download antivirus programs for free these days is one that many computer users gravitate to for one simple reason – free is good. Whether you have a PC, Mac, Linux or other OS computer, a great Antivirus program is critical for  protecting your computer from unwanted spam, viruses,  and malware that threaten to embed into your computer. And although many free antivirus programs will  provide a high level of protection, paying for an upgraded product will provide that extra layer of protection.

The question and debate on whether free download Antivirus software or upgraded programs are better is the one question that most computer users  will debate until the cows come home. Each one offers many benefits, but when you look at the price of paying less than $20.00 to add an extra layer of protection for your four-figure computer, the question that needs to be asked is why wouldn’t such a small monetary investment be a smart idea?

The Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013 download Antivirus program offers many advantages that free programs simply can’t offer such as:

  • Full and daily virus protection downloads
  • A quick, cloud-based scanning feature
  • Easier user interfaces and application activation
  • 24/7 live technical support and chat to help install or repair potential threats

However, when you download free Antivirus software from Comodo, you can receive many basic features that will provide exceptional protection as well. So, in order to provide some answers to frequently asked questions about the Comodo Advanced Antivirus program, here are FAQ’s and answers that will help you make a more informed decision on which road to travel.

Question #1 – Does the Comodo Advanced Antivirus 2013 Program come standard with Technical Support?

Yes – when you buy the $14.99 per year upgrade, you have full and unlimited access to Comodo’s GeekBuddy live chat and technical support features that provide remote desktop access.  Whether you’re looking for full PC support, printer set-up, installing any new devices or software, the GeekBuddy™ is here to help you. And, when you upgrade to Comodo Advanced Antivirus, it’s all free.

Question #2 – Why is it critical to have Antivirus programs installed on a computer in the first place?

Antivirus programs are critical for complete PC health because they prevent harmful malware, viruses and other potentially harmful computer-based attacks from occurring. When a program sneaks into your computer files it slows down your computer, makes it delete important files and even prevent your computer from working at all. This is why it’s critical to install at least free antivirus software from Comodo if you don’t choose to upgrade to the higher protection level.

Question #3 – How is it possible that Comodo can provide exceptional upgrade coverage and features for much less than competitors?

There is a great business philosophy that states volume cures all. This essentially states that when you provide great pricing to consumers, more people will purchase it. And when you reduce your cost of goods (in this case, reduce the amount of technical support because you’ve developed a high-quality Antivirus program that truly works) then you can pass those savings to the customers.

The truth is there are several other reasons on why making the smart choice to pay for a high-quality Comodo Advanced Antivirus 2013 program makes complete business sense. But whatever you do, make sure that any device you operate online is protected by some sort of Antivirus program.

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