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Advantages of Advanced Firewall Protection – A Solid First Line of Defence

February 11, 2013 | By  

Anytime you download a free antivirus program it is assumed by many consumers that once they plug in and set-up the program; their computer will be 100% safe from piracy, identity theft and other online predators. This would be a bad assumption to make.

The truth is that most free antivirus programs are in fact basic in nature; that are all designed to provide a basic level of protection, identify potential threats and if you’re lucky, find a way to destroy malware and harmful virus attacks. But, pound-for-pound the best way to prevent these attacks from occurring in the first place is to set up a strong Firewall network that will completely protect your computer from any online threats. And the Comodo Firewall complete is perfect for this important job.

There are many benefits and advantages to installing a high-quality Firewall to support your antivirus program including:

  • A strong Firewall gives you a first line of defence for unwanted viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious files that are all designed for one purpose – to steal your private information. This is especially critical when you surf the net through a non-secure internet connection; such as public places like airports, hotels, coffee shops and internet cafés.
  • The reliable and trustworthy Comodo Firewall Pro protects you from these public cyber threats thanks to an innovative DDP™ or Default Deny Protection program that is designed to recognize any unknown viruses and malware. This also permits you the extended protection in which the firewall will prevent these harmful files from having any chance of entering your computer or embedding themselves onto your hard drive or any sub files.

The DDP technology can accomplish this feat by linking the reliable 2-million plus computer friendly applications with your firewall network. This essentially provides a ‘free-pass’ for reliable files and prevents any other non-recognized files to ‘wait behind the line’ to be verified before entering the club.

The DDP technology included in the Comodo Firewall Pro will automatically alert you to any potentially harmful files that are not included on the safe list, block them from opening and take all preventive measures to ensure your computer can be as protected as possible. This important technology provides complete antivirus protection and will give you peace of mind knowing that your home or business network is protected with a trustworthy shield.

Any good free antivirus program installed will always begin and end with a strong firewall protection network. And although many computer companies like Dell, Apple, and others can provide solid Firewall protection through Windows or Mac OS networks, the power of installing a top-shelf firewall such as the Comodo Firewall Pro extends your layer of protection 10-fold.

With more cyber-attacks becoming the norm these days as opposed to being exception, building a trustworthy and strong antivirus network for any computer has become increasingly important. So when you consider downloading any free antivirus programs, taking time to consider installing a highly trustworthy Comodo Firewall Pro software program to maximize your computer’s online security.

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