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Syrian Digital Army Hacks Vice.com

November 21, 2013

The prowess of the Syrian digital army is being shown off one more time when they managed to break and fully hack into the news website vice.com to proclaim their motto. In an attempt to show that the websites and the government shouldn’t take part in the interior tussles faced by the country, the army after disabling SSL Certificate security revealed that the website never managed to expose anyone from the said hacker group.

Vice.com earlier revealed that they managed to expose the Syrian group named TH3PR0 and openly stated that they were the mastermind behind this capture. Legal action was initiated against those who was considered to be responsible for the attack on US government websites, the marines site and other major brands. In this new hack into vice.com, the TH3PR0 confirmed that those who were exposed were actually innocent civilians and are the not ones who were actually responsible.

Addressing the website owners directly, the group revealed that they had deleted only the news that claimed to be an exposing attempt against this army. It also threatened that next time if they hack again into the website, the entire content on the site will be deleted and it will no longer be usable. For a short time everyone who tried to visit the website was redirected to another page. Said page didn’t use any ssl certificate for encryption and belonged to the hackers with a warning message posted in it.

Officially, the vice website has not made any statements or clarified their stand against this exposure. They remained silent so far and didn’t claim the extent to which the hacking took place. Suspected person is actually a single ninteen year old kid and the government is not sure if they should consider one small person to be a threat against the entire government. It is being said he worked with the SEA in getting these hacks done.

The message was also posted on Twitter apart from screenshots revealing the admin panel of the vice.com website besides other information that regarding the website ownership. The hacker on behalf of the Syrian army claimed that they got privileged access into the entire website and mainly compromised email id of one administrator, which is more than enough to control the pages. Earlier, the same group hacked Washington Post, Newyork Times and CNN website. They also managed to bring down TIME, which is a huge attempt exploiting its vulnerabilities.

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Internet Engineers Urge to Use Encryption For Security

November 19, 2013

Internet Engineering task force is a special organization which has security as its primary goal. The group of members recently convened in Canada for an important meeting with regard to the internet security scenario around the globe. During this particular meet, the engineers urged that encryption done using SSL Certificate and other means have solid defense against online threats. They also declared that every website should try to implement this measure because the number of malware developers and attackers is on the rise.

 Only those who have taken steps to protect themselves as well as their customers can survive in this ever-changing world where security is of primary concern these days. Almost every surveillance agency is looking forward to do their best in defending the people but, the fact is that indirectly some companies which try to read data and know user activities open up doors for trojans on the go. This compromises individual computers as well as the entire system.

 Speaking during the event, the engineers revealed that they are in attempts to push new standards of security which will not only stop malware developers, but also the government aided NSA spying program that has been bothering users for awhile. The team expects SSL Certificates like encryption in the near future for almost every program and also improved encrypted algorithm for the masses.

This will ensure that private data will not fall in the wrong hands, even if it belongs to a legitimate body.

 Main objective of this meeting is to strengthen the internet from its current state and encryption will play an integral role in the future for this development. Application based transport layer security named TLS is being implemented besides VOIP protocols. A new range of encryption options is expected to be rolled out in the near future and the companies believe that they can use multiple paths to bring security threats under control.

 The meeting was also witnessed by a huge group of audiences comprising of security professionals and common users who are interested in the topic. The engineers revealed more about their technology based plans for the future and their interest in helping individuals protect themselves against malware as well as monitoring with the help of reliable encryption solutions. It was a two way meet that had interactive question and answer sessions as well. The engineers expressed their interest to make the web a more user-friendly space where information is abundant, but also safe from prying eyes.

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Twitter Considering Full Encryption For Direct Messages

November 12, 2013

Encrypting messages and the data being transferred over is becoming the norm in the online world. It’s much more secure and even if hacked or intercepted along the path, no third party will be able to read messages or whatever information contained within the data package. While websites use SSL Certificates to encrypt data packets under industry standard technology, the one that Twitter plans to use is a mystery as of now. Almost every online shopping website and companies that offer digital services, use SSL encryption on their pages.

The certs provided by the certificate authority will take responsibility to encrypt packets of data to send them in a secure environment. The highest form of assurance that customers gain with these certificates is when an extended validation method is used. It helps considerably in immediately letting users know that they are secured and the concept of using green address bar is what drives consumers towards EV certified websites. Even though, similar technology may not be compatible with Twitter, the company has an altogether different plan.

They look forward to implementing a new system which will completely separate the DM or direct messages from the Twitter infrastructure. It will start functioning as an individual app and will allow you to send messages to users whom you are not following. The report was officially made by New York Times and it is expected that the spokesperson for the website will make an announcement after the initial arrangements are made. It is also being said that the decision to encrypt information and promote the concept of ssl certificates is more of a united decision that tech giants are making to stop prying eyes of surveillance agencies from disturbing them.

The motive is to assure their users that their information is completely safe, private and no third party will be allowed to go through them without proper permission. Personal messaging will become more of a new feature that users will look forward if the micro blogging website implements this.

Security is becoming the foremost concern but at the same time, users are more cautious of their privacy than ever. They don’t even hesitate remove information off websites if found to be a threat and have started protesting against any website that sells their personal data. Shopping on websites which use SSL Certificates is another commonly seen habit among people as they are aware of the importance of encryption and how it helps them share credit card or other information online without being stalked or losing financial information.

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Will Firewall and Encrypted SSL slow down internet?

November 7, 2013

Security software solutions which are power consuming and has the disadvantage of using too much PC power is considered a not-so-worthy update by users. For this reason, many users around the globe detain from using antivirus software and firewall because they simply make your computer crawl like snail. Even though, this is not a proven fact and majority of users do rely on these tools for security, it’s time to know a solid answer to this question.

Similarly, websites using SSL Certificates are much more secure because they encrypt every piece of information that is transmitted through and will make sure no one reads the data even if it gets compromised by an attacker along the path. One should know the fact that this is the first line of defense that anyone has in a computer or an entire network. Saying no to the services will make you prone to security attacks and may lead to complete loss of data if a third-party gains access.

Sometimes, the issue with regards to firewall exists. It also prevails for antivirus programs because they block gamers from going online. Even when they do so, the computer will not be ready to connect to other users and will hinder gamers from playing multiplayer titles. It can be solved using gaming mode in antivirus programs.

At the same time, SSL Certificates hardly have such issues as they are made to encrypt data and not hinder network speed. The fact is sometimes firewall may change settings or the default router settings will not work. In this scenario, make sure you alter them accordingly. Users should change the settings and can allow the firewall to accept connections. This will solve any speed issues and one will be able to enjoy the best internet speed available at their home or office. Besides, skipping to use firewall will allow every file to pass through and it is not the safest method to go online.

On the other side, SSL Certificates have a completely different side and their encryption is automatically taken care of by the certificate authorities. Websites will readily be readable by search engines and if it requires, proper coding languages and alterations in the meta description will make it much more search engine friendly.

Using security tools and encryptions are mandatory because malware attacks are on the rise. Hackers are deploying new methods to compromise computers and download data without proper authorization. Computers which lack even the basic defense can instantly be accessed and losing data will cost you a lot, for such careless planning.

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CryptoLocker Ransomware Demands BitCoins, Never Pay Them

November 4, 2013

The world of malware is getting brutal than ever and ransomware, as addressed by security experts is now nasty. The one, named CryptoLocker which takes hold of a computer will encrypt every file stored in it and locks it with a password. This is similar to what is being done using SSL Certificates on websites but the problem lies in what happens next. A timer starts running which shows that the user has three days left to pay the ransom or they have to face complete deletion of their important data. Someone who’s on the other side of this attack demands three hundred dollars in ransom and suggests them to transfer the money in the form of Bitcoins to an unidentified account.

“This said attack is transmitted through an e-mail with an encrypted zip file as attachment.”

The message is legitimate enough to fool e-mail service providers into thinking that this isn’t a scam and ended up in the Inbox rather than the spam folder where it’s supposed to be. It didn’t just target individuals but an entire company in the IT industry. The person who downloaded the message left it open on his PC and it was only when the IT staff received a warning regarding a malicious file, the presence of CryptoLocker was identified. At first, they witnessed many of the integral files corrupted and they were not accessible by users.

The same issue was faced by multiple employees in the said company. Security experts realized this is a ransomware and shut down the local network connection to stop it from spreading to the entire network. A red warning message flashed on screen demanding a ransom. A handful of antivirus software programs identified this issue but it was too late.

“The encryptions were sophisticated as found in SSL Certificates and based on the 2048 bit RSA cryptographic algorithm, the best of all.”

In order to bring back the data, one needs a key stored on the server which will be deleted within 72 hours if the ransom is not paid. This was the content found in the message. For the time being, the security experts advised the company staff to comply with the demand and got their files restored.

But, for others SSL Certificates style encryption was not restored but rather their Bitcoin accounts were targeted as well and some never received the key as promised by the hacker. Those without backups will suffer the most, if they face the CryptoLocker.

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Government Websites Vulnerable With Expired SSL Certificates

October 25, 2013

A huge list of US government websites displays a warning whenever users try to log in. The warning reveals the user that incorporated SSL Certificates have expired and choosing to enter the website is at one’s own risk.

“Security experts opine that if malware developers or attackers try to access any of these websites, they will hardly come across any obstacles.”

The middleman which is the secure sockets layer that is responsible for defending attacks, data theft or virus injection going missing is an issue that one needs to look forward to. The importance of using SSL encryption solutions should be learnt and implemented by all government websites, according to the reports revealed by security companies. A valid and working certificate is responsible because it is mandatory for Transport Layer Security TLS to establish a proper connection with the website with which it is trying to communicate.

Another reason that led to the SSL Certificates being expired on over two hundred websites is that US government shutdown. As almost every department was not working, the renewals and expiry dates were not notified to the respective authority. The users are being given the option to bypass the security warning, chances are high that people will get used to it and will allow a better chance of malware attackers to gain access to their data.

SSL trusted website might be turned into a hostile page once malware developers inject a trojan, virus or bug into specific links or the complete website. This will in turn affect users and lead to massive breaches because government websites are accessed by a huge group of citizens every other day to gain integral information. Moreover, they will hardly suspect these websites as they come from a legitimate source and trustworthy on the long run.

Sometimes, even web browsers fail to show this warning.

“While major browsers like Firefox and Chrome are most likely to send a proper warning message indicating that the SSL Certificates have expired, others may not do so. “

Some government websites write their own certificates which can be impersonified by attackers at times and people will hardly be able to distinguish those wrong certs from the legal ones. After the shutdown ended just a day ago, it is expected that the organizations responsible for this security flaw will take immediate steps and renew themselves within the least possible turnaround time. Fixing it is mandatory to help those loyal citizens.

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SSL Decryption To Secure Data Centers

October 17, 2013

While SSL certificates are an integral part of helping consumers transact with websites easily and make notified decisions, the risk of malware being distributed in encrypted form exists as well. The one and only way to put this issue under control is to decrypt files so that content in web mail or other data sharing solutions can be read before being approved. Randomly allowing every thing to pass through is not the best choice for data centers where millions of data files are being processed everyday. A security expert opines that even though this might sound more like the NSA where information and data packet will be accessed by people who are not supposed to read them, it is one necessary evil that we need at the moment to stop malware spreading. Viruses if gained access to an entire network has the capacity to bring down a whole data infrastructure if they are not identified at an early stage and obliterated.

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Error in WhatsApp Crypto Exposes Messages

Encryption is an important security integration method which is constantly used for browsers, messaging services and e-mails to encrypt files or data when they are being sent over. This stops hackers and third party people from eavesdropping on what is going on. The best way to get this job done for websites is by using SSL Certificate solutions that are issued by reputed certificate authorities from around the globe. One issue is that the same technology cannot be used for all platforms because mobiles are completely different which is why dedicated mobile antivirus is being used.

The further warranting of this is now revealed when a student managed to find a bug in Whatsapp that exposes all messages transacted. It is one of the most widely used popular messaging app but the problem lies in its cryptography area. Encryption is not so strong according to his find because it uses the same keys for both incoming and outgoing messages that makes it vulnerable to hacking.

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Game Changing IT Predictions For The Future

October 10, 2013

A lot of things are expected to change in the near future and it’s no wonder security industry is going to be part of it too. In order to curb malware and bring those developers to law, an organization is working round the clock in forums where such informations are exchanged. SSL certificates secure companies on a larger level but there are internal networks which create the backdoor entry feature, allowing hackers to download data and sell them in open. Such issues are being controlled by this company which actually acts as a hacker and gain access to deep web or dark web area where such credentials are being sold.

The information will then be moved to the corporation which can choose to buy their services, hire them to monitor the sites for such sales and also notify whenever a breach occurs. Similarly, new security measures are being implemented and its evident that security is going to change from what people saw till now.

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Google Docs Use SSL Encryption And Allow Open Viewing

October 9, 2013

With a view to help users access files instantly and avoid wasting time in logging in, Google is planning to allow people to view their content directly for easy data management. Even though, this open source will let the person view the file, one can’t edit or make other changes without logging in. When logged in, the usual rule of the administrator allowing access to individual user id to edit it will be checked before such freedom is granted.

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