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Social Media Is Growing, How Do You Secure Yourself?

January 9, 2014

» A recent statistics reveals that the world of social media is drastically evolving and the number of people who prefer to adopt this service is double the times more than what used to be a decade ago. «

The complete analysis revealed that an average person, which is approximately one in five people around the globe checks their social media profile at least once in a month. Compared to the world population, this is a huge number and it shows the true potential of this service that is designed to not only impart knowledge, but also bring everyone together. While many of them use SSL encryption as their most preferred security medium, there’s always more than what the industry delivers.

Users are now expecting a much more comprehensive website or a mobile app that will help them connect with their others. No one can understand what new website will evolve to meet this requirement, but connectivity options using social websites is definitely here to stay.

The SSL technology helps website owners encrypt private user data. This is not widely implemented on every social media site yet plans are on to do so. Major e-mail service providers Yahoo and Google has confirmed that they will be making encryption mandatory with all their services. Once they do so, one can expect other companies to follow suit which will provide better sense of security to its users.

Moreover, confidential data when encrypted becomes too hard to break into and read that will deter cyber criminals from trying to access them. Users can always defer from uploading too confidential information. This will help avoid relying too much on social media websites that are actually running on remote servers and can be surveyed by agencies if required.

The security aspect of the social media websites is now being revamped and users can expect drastic changes in the near future. If there is something that is mandatory at the moment, it is the ability for users to control what others see is what that is required. Even though, this function already exists, it is very meager and not easily understood by people who use the website.

Going for SSL encryption will stop third parties from reading the content stored within. Individuals can split their content and upload only what is required to be on the safer side. Social media is growing at a rapid pace and witnessed exceptional growth in developing markets. Making it secure is a priority for both service providers and users.

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What Makes SSL Encryption Mandatory?

January 3, 2014

Among other types of online security solutions, encryption done using SSL certs are considered most reliable for more than two decades one. Ever since the time when online shopping started evolving, these certificates were ushered in by legitimate certificate authorities. The people behind the technology took care of the security infrastructure and the task of maintaining private as well as public keys. If one asks whether it is mandatory or not, a strong answer would be a definite yes because encrypted data is always safer than using plain text.

Whenever a third-party intrusion occurs or if someone tries to tamper the data being transferred, their plans cannot be carried out because of the fact that multiple layers of cryptography has to be decrypted to know what’s contained inside. This security measures make sure credit card details and passwords entered online never falls in the wrong hands. The implementation ensures customers that their data is safe and they can shop with confidence.

Secure sockets layer without a doubt is the backbone of internet security establishment. The internet is made of collection of millions of web pages and SSL without a doubt is a reliable solution to secure these pages, whenever they transact user information. Sensitive information encrypted makes sure only the intended recipient can read it and not anyone else. The technology is also notified to users whenever a website uses it with https urls, site seals and green address bar when extended validation cert is used.

Authentication is another important step where the certificate authority will monitor the information being transmitted and authenticate its verity before the approval. Only then the same will be delivered to the destination. This is done using a PKI or public key infrastructure which will be matched with the private key to make sure no malware was injected into the package enroute.

Certificate authorities also known as SSL providers are important because they are the medians who issue a certificate to a company after verifying its authenticity. They also take care of maintenance and the trust part, so that consumers can rely on other parties to know if a website is legitimate or not. Gaining customers trust is the ultimate goal and it is what these certs help merchants achieve, creating brand awareness about their product as well as the online shop. Trust seal is usually provided by the CA who offers the certificate, which is another visual indicator that plays an integral role in conversion rates.

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Steps Involved In Procuring An EV SSL Certificate

January 1, 2014

The concept of encryption is fast catching up now but for a long time, there has been multiple encryption solutions available for online merchants. Even though, the primary idea of using this technology is to keep credentials safe and not expose passwords in plain text, it also plays an integral role in determining the level of customer trust a website could gain. The EV SSL or extended validation is considered the most secure of them all because it is issued only after a slew of verification processes are conducted on the website that requires the cert. This kind of filtering system wades cyber criminals off and when any website uses this highest certificate available, they gain the advantage of green address bar. It is a visual sign that immediately strikes a chord with customers, encouraging them to buy items or services from the said website without any security concerns.

 Another advantage users gain by going for EV SSL is that they get higher protection against phishing attacks than when using this better possible security available. The certificate authority is responsible for conducting the research required before approving one such certificate, first and foremost step is to see if your organization has been legally registered with the government body. It will also be cross checked whether the registration is valid and still active. The next process is to check the address that you have provided for verification as well as the phone number associated with the company. The company’s rights and exclusivity to the domain applied for will be checked to ensure they are buying a certificate for the same website. It will be done by asking them to upload files onto the server or in the website display area.

 An individual who applies for the certificate will be checked to ensure he or she is part of the organization. Fraud cases where impersonation took place makes this a mandatory step, as implemented by the certificate authority. Any instance of the organization’s name in the blacklist or government’s banned list will be devoid of the certificate. Such strict measures ensure that EV SSL continues to be the most trusted of them all. Because of the extended verification process, you will not be able to procure a certificate instantly. It will take few weeks time before verification files are submitted to the certificate authority and they decide to approve it. Multiple benefits and instant customer trust gained with green address bar makes it a must have for merchants.

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How to Transfer SSL Certificate from Apache to Apache Server?

December 31, 2013

Transferring your certificate is mandatory where there is a new server being purchased or simply reusing active certs for a new website. The scenarios are many and the actual programming language could differ. This guide will explore the steps involved in moving your SSL Certificate from one Apache server to another Apache server. Unlike using Tomcat or Windows servers, this is much simpler and also easier because you are doing this transfer only between the same basic programs. It is similar to shifting your details between two Android phones rather than an iOS phone because new operating systems and platforms demand extra steps for successful transfer. In doing so, you can save the cost involved in buying a new cert which in some cases is not a worthy investment when you already have a spare one to use. Moreover, for business and online web service companies, assuring your client that they are in an encrypted safe zone is mandatory for best sales. Only when they feel comfortable sharing personal information, the ecommerce site will experience better conversion rates.

When transferring your cert from Apache to Apache, start by copying your files. Locate your SSL Certificate along with other intermediate certificates and the private key. Wherever it is located, it will be the configuration server for your website. Just copy them all and transfer them to the new server that you have purchased. The same process goes for existing servers as well because Apache basework is samewhen transfer is done between two similar technologies. After the copying process is complete, edit the files in the same Apache configuration location on the new server. It is really simple and can be done by people who hardly has any technical knowledge. All you need to do is read the steps and follow it properly without missing any step in between. This will ensure the cert is transferred properly and can continue to provide encryption solutions for people using the website.

Compared to any other server module, Apache is the simplest of all. If you are using one, then maintaining your SSL Certificate in it is relatively easy. Select the new location and the job will be done. However, when moving it a tomcat or windows servers, the process will completely vary. You actually have to set multiple configurations and change the base information provided so that the certs can run on a new windows server. The steps for the same is simple, but may have multiple phases before becoming fully operational.

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Microsoft Office Flaw Exploited By Cyber Criminals

December 12, 2013

Attacks against Microsoft office that fully exploits multiple vulnerabilities found in the program has been witnessed. Officially, two hackers were involved in this attacks and reacting quickly to the issue, the firm has released a patch on Tuesday to fix any bugs that might give backdoor access to criminals. Using MS office is a very common habit among almost every corporate around the globe because of its ease of use and the productivity that the program provides.

Any bugs found in it is critical because it is being used often in a corporate environment than by individuals. There are thousands of companies which use cloud and local excel sheets to maintain their entire data. Even a single leak could lead to excessive damage and corrupt the entire backups that companies have relied on so far. While SSL certificates are used to encrypt websites and transactions done online, it is manual encryption tools that can help secure files.

Truecrpyt is one such solution and it helps users secure their data. According to official reports, the zero day bug found in MS Office was specifically targeted by two different criminal groups. So far, no community or hacker group has claimed name for this attempt as they usually do so. This leaves security experts filled with doubt about their motive and why would not they reveal themselves as they usually do.

Meanwhile, MS has traced the problem to be a remote code execution which allowed hackers to remotely exploit the software without any manual or digital virus injection. It was related to TIFF format graphics file found in the Office program that led to the breach. Any attacker once gained access to the program will be able to preview or make the user open Emails which will give them complete access as the user who’s using the file in the venue.

While the usual patch rolls out on Tuesday, Microsoft uses the Emergency Fix it program that stopped the zero day bug from being exploited further and fixed it. The concept of SSL Certificates may help in other areas, but timely patch and proper updates is what can protect you from being attacked. So far, these issues were found with older 2003, 2007 and 2010 versions of Microsoft Office. There’s the latest cloud based and offline 2013 version, but due to the reduced user base, criminals hardly target this area. Also, it was revealed that, one of the two attack groups was found to be operating from India, but it could be a bogus proxy.

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How To Move SSL Certificates To A New Server?

December 10, 2013

There are multiple usage scenarios when users require an encryption certificate moved from one place to another. Each individual requirement could vary because one may have multiple servers and need a single cert being used on all of them. In other scenes, you may have SSL Certificates lying unused or configured with one server, but there’s no website hosted in it. The only way to make sure it gives you value for money is to simply transfer it to the needed server and get it running.

Once again, there are more factors to it than what you can assess directly. The type of server that is being used plays an integral role in this decision making. You may be required to transfer one from windows server to another windows server or from a windows server to apache server. It can also be vice versa due to various reasons. Some people use Tomcat or Java servers and the transfer procedure will vary from one to another drastically.

Before beginning the steps, make sure that you have installed one or more ssl certificates in an existing server. Installing a new one is an entirely different process and requires first time authentication from the certificate authorities. During transfer, you can choose to export the cert, convert it into a different format so as to suit the proposed server or important the certificates along with the private key to your existing websites. The steps will vary from one server to another.

Windows Servers

For windows servers, it is mandatory to export the existing cert into a .pfx file before moving to other steps. Along with the private key and intermediate certificates, take an export of the .pfx file to begin with. The next step is to import it to the new server as well as the private key. The final and most important step to make sure it is properly working by integrating it with IIS. Configure the certs properly because if they are not in action, no encryption will be done and it puts users as well as the webmaster with the risk of compromised information.

Exporting is done using the MMS console found in the windows server. After you completed the basic steps, configuring it in IIS with Exchange is the final step. Go to properties, click on directory security tab and server certificate button to begin the certificate wizard. Choose assign an existing cert and simply import the file, which is already in your PC.

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Phony Antivirus Uses SSL Certificates To Dupe Antivirus Scan

December 5, 2013

The trick of stealing SSL Certificates and using them as a fake decoy to stop antivirus programs from scanning them, is becoming prevalent among malware distribution. This is a tried and tested method because once they are encrypted with a proper coded cert, the AV program will consider it to be safe to use. Besides, encryption helps criminals seals malicious codes and software inside them. Most programs will not be able to read what is stored inside which makes it easier to transport the same to the targeted computers or an entire network.

Compared to any other defensive system, antivirus software is the most reliable of all. For over a decade, it has been helping millions of consumers safeguard themselves against attacks and make sure intrusions doesn’t occur. To evade this, attackers are now using stolen digital certificates.

One of the major uses of original certificates is that if they are issued by a reputed certificate authority, no browser or any other scanning tool will suspect it. The problem is that CAs wouldn’t issue these certs without verifying domain identity and in some cases, as the extended validation, will only be issued after verifying the organization. Skipping these security measures, criminals steal user keys and use SSL Certificates that were originally meant for brands to distribute malware. Such instances are being witnessed regularly.

Antivirus developing companies are now planning to take strict measures against such forgery and to check whether the link or file with a cert is actually sent by the company. IP address will help them achieve their goals and the same will go companies as well. A more secure verification is much needed at the moment to stop malware distribution.

A new system which will continue to monitor all valid certificates will be introduced at the earliest. This will keep checking those ssl certificates that are in use, but not under the control of the proposed company. If so, the company or brand will instantly be notified to take immediate action. Similar notifications will be sent to the certificate authority so that they can find the origin of the theft to disable the private key and make sure no malware distribution or illegal activity is carried out by a fake certificate holder. System wide modifications and better monitoring system has become mandatory with the advent of such unique threats. It also proves that certificates are the most secured of them all and they cannot be cracked, but only stolen due to various reasons.

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Stop Bad Sales By Avoiding Invalid SSL Certificates

December 2, 2013

The adverse effects that an invalid cert produce on your business is inevitable if proper steps are not taken in time. The main purpose of using SSL Certificates is that it helps in encrypting credentials and sensitive data, when they are transferred over the web. This ensures that in case there is a breach during data transfer, the third party or any cyber criminal who gets hold of the data will not be able to read the content stored within.

Customers gain the advantage of being assured that they can comfortably share details and it will always be safe with the secured server increases sale. But, if the certs used are invalid, the point of using them in the first place gets devoid. No website is safe even though a certificate is already installed because invalid one will not be supported by the certificate authorities who issue them. They are not protected and can be easily compromised if hacked.

A secure website will be using https protocol and not the regular http protocol. This provides consumers an opportunity to feel they are in a secure zone. Before connecting to the server, the website will ensure that it is reliable and also check with the certificate authority for verification. When SSL certificates work correctly as they are intended to be, they will be providing an added layer of protection.

The exceptional encryption can be opened only using password authentication, which in this case is private as well as public keys. The websites will have a private key while the CA will possess the public one. Only after verifying them both, the secure authentication protocol and freedom to access will be given. Users if feeling insecure about missing seal, green address bar or invalid certs have the tendency to completely abandon your website or shopping cart without completing the process.

Privacy concerns overusing the web for activities is high now and if you own a business, it is mandatory that you provide people the necessary assurance. Some browsers will also send warning to their users when they try to access the website, which is bluntly a negative impact on the shopper experience. If sales are falling, check if your ssl certificates are working as they should and if they don’t, instantly renew them. Schedule the renewal period for best results and encourage customers to spend money on your websites for good growth in sales. These certs have a subtle yet important role to play in branding.

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Microsoft Dedicated Cybercrime Center Established

November 28, 2013

In its effort to stop cyber crimes and illegal abuse of the internet, Microsoft has formally setup a cyber crime center which consists of the best professionals convened together. People included in the team will be formed of lawyers, security experts, hackers and business advisors who will be responsible for making key decisions related to cyber crimes.

The redmon company aims to stop piracy with this team as well because majority of products from Microsoft are being illegally used and Windows pirated versions are more than actually purchased ones. They plan to stop such growth and promote legal products at an affordable range. Cyber crime center has one sole motto, the official spokesperson said to the press. It is to make sure customers and experts come together to create a safer web. Ultimate aim of using these tools, SSL Certificates and such centers is to create a safer place for people to go online for their daily activities.

Named as the white hat forces, MS is forming a team of legitimate people who will pose a strong threat to the black hat hackers and hurdle all their malicious plans. Spreading malware, DDOS attacks and other threats are on the rise. The internet scenario is changing too hostile and Microsoft aims to put an end to this. Besides the security team, the people will also be interacting with FBI as well interpol so as to nab criminals whenever they are identified.

Websites are secured using SSL Certificates and those that pass through security levels, to inject malicious codes will be identified using sophisticated methods. Some of the techniques the team will be using to identify malware and hackers include SitePrint, which is a method that helps organized online crimes in a comprehensive map for easy tracking.

Another thing that MS wants to control is spreading of child adult content which will be curbed using PhotoDNA, a software program that plays an integral role in identifying pictures with children in it. Whenever obscene content matches a child’s face, the picture will be considered a threat and its source will instantly be reported. Similar to ssl certificates encryption method, the print will track activities while photos will be identified in a much sophisticated manner. Cyberdefense is a team sport and Microsoft looks forward to making this team much more stronger so that they have powerful support similar to hackers who are working in closed networks these days.

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Next Gen HTTP 2.0 Requires Mandatory Encryption

November 26, 2013

Safeguarding private data is given utmost priority in recent times and companies are already doing their best to ensure consumers that information will never be shared without proper warrant. At the same time, protecting them against hacker attacks and malware injection also plays an important role. In order to make the web a safer place, SSL Certificate is being used in most websites that provide encryption solutions.

The purpose of using these certs is to make sure every sensitive information including credentials and credit card information is transferred in encrypted format. Even if some third party hackers manage to gain access, they will be unable to read the content held within and the sensitive data will stay safe. Such efforts are being pushed further to higher levels with the next gen http 2.0 encryption module. Speaking on Twitter about the company’s future plans, its chief person said that increasing transport layer security is possible only by using http 2.0 with encrypted URLs. So, it will be mandatory once the new implementation sets in.

Backward compatibility is something that industry experts opine to be mandatory but the HTTP association declared this will not be possible when strong security protocols are warranted. Older websites and URLs which use SSL Certificate will continue to rely on the present http protocol. No one will be forced to adapt the new technology unless they care and are concerned about privacy.

The new technology will make sure all URLs are mandatorily checked to make sure whether they use HTTPs protocol and will implement encryption in the entire website for assured privacy. This not only helps enhance consumer trust for online vendors, but also serves as a barrier between cybercriminals and those who prefer to stay safe from such unexpected breaches.

Implementing such methods will make the internet a spy proof place to be and will stop hackers from gaining access into unauthorized areas. The SSL Certificate used by vendors will also be sophisticated to higher levels and the main motto of the organization behind this is HTTPS everywhere. Spdy is the technology behind this implementation and it will also work in various areas of importance including connection multiplexing, default encryption and header compression for solid results. Microsoft supports this cause and helped establish more of the HTTP 2.0 protocol to the general public. With more measures in people, experts opine internet security could be brought under control and pave way for a safer web.

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